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I didn't answer the phone, but caller ID said Active Periodicals and I done a reverse phone number look up. The number was 360-967-4286 and is located in Washington State, but the name wasn't available.

When I looked them up on the internet I found this sight and I'm glad I didn't the phone because I would've cussed them out for thinking I was *** enough to give them any card number without me knowing who I calling and talking to.

Never give someone that calls you a CC number. If they say they are from a company you do know, then tell them you'll call them back on the number you have for that company.

I cussed out many people who've called and wanted me to giver them my CC number and laughed and cussed them out telling them how sorry they are and should be shot for scamming and stealing from people. Then they hang up before I get to finish.

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(360) 967-4286 never identified themselves as a periodical company, but did say I won a $1000 voucher but had to pay $8.95 for it to be shipped to me. THat's when I hung up. No credit card info given to these thugs, thankfully!

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