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This company made me think I was getting a free $1000.00 shopping spree(on line), 3 free magazines that would STOP after 12 mos. automatically. The only thing I had to do was pay 3.50 a week for the Time mag. I chose. Thats more than the cover price.

When they needed my personal info I was then wary of some kind of scam. I gave false info, and then in the end refused to give my credit card # for fear of ID theft or fraud. They try to make you sure they are a

co. in business for 35 years etc., but I never give my card # over the phone are they crazy??????

I went right to my computer and your other pissed

consumers let me know I did the right thing. I hope

everyone else does the same. Leslie NJ

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I received a call from them today said I had "won" a $1000 shopping spree. I asked how they got my name, and they said I had probably ordered magazines from them in the past, which I have not.


your a smart one.i have got a watch from them and now they are telling me of the $1000 shopping spree. did research before i signed and sent in the paperwork for the shopping spree.

i am cancelling first thing monday morning!!! i just recieved the papers today.

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