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***warning*** do not under any circumstances do business with this company. They have been harrassing me since I signed up for mag.

subscriptions with them. They call all the time - work and home. They claim you have more payments then you do. They'll tell you that you signed up for more subscriptions, when you haven't.

I've hung up on them on more than one occasion and told them to never call me again. I have 3 more payments left and I'm done. They called my home 3 days ago. I returned that call.

They called me at work 15 min. ago. The pretend to be concerned about you getting the mags. on time and in good cond.

then want you to talk to the supervisor on the pretense of letting that person know you were pleasant to deal with. Then the supervisor proceeds to tell you that you have x amount of payments to go. I was told 24 more. I told him that wasn't true - only 3 more.

He then gets snotty with me and tells me "Have it your way". Just wait till I pay the bal. in the next month. I will definitely tell them I'll be getting in touch with the BBB, attorney general and anyone else I can think of.

The people at Active Periodicals are liars, cheats and *** artists. Stay away from this company.

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #114173

I too am ticked off with Activer Periodicals. I tried to cacel my order and they wouldn't let me.

They contacted me several times and I finally retured theie phone call and was told that when I asked to cancel my order that I was told there would be a $140.00 cancellation fee. I was told no such thing. I agreed to go ahead and pay the fee in two installments the first being Feb. 18th to come out of my account.

It was taken out on Feb. 11th and when I called them they said it was a computer glitch. Yeah right, computers don't make mistaked the operators do. This left me with a ZERO balance in my accoun, no money for gas to get work, no money for food.

Did they care? *** NO!


Barbara, interesting scam they have going. My Wife signed up for a special deal with AP for four magazines (of which we only receive three)and the next thing you know we are getting 7 extra magazines with extra charges on the credit card.

We actually had to cancel the card to ensure they would stop. I am on my way to the BBB as well.

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